Date Location Phone Time Act
May 27 (Sat)Viewpoint Lounge [Map] (503) 631-3408:00pmKenny Lavitz Kombo
May 31 (Wed) J. Willy s [Map](503) 656-44107:00pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 1 (Thu)The Ship Tavern [Map](503) 244-73458:00pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 2 (Fri)Area 52 [Map](503) 432-80918:00pmKenny Lavitz Kombo
Jun 3 (Sat)Prairie Bar and Grill [Map](360) 892-63138:00pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 4 (Sun)Portland Saturday Market [Map]-11:30pmDuo W/Greg Sommers
Jun 7 (Wed)Nineteen33 Taproom [Map](503) 305-82496:00pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 9 (Fri)West Linn Saloon [Map](503)655-20989:00pmKenny Lavitz Kombo
Jun 10 (Sat)Marks on the Channel [Map](503)543-87656:30pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 16 (Fri)Rock Creek Tavern [Map](503) 645-38228:00pmKenny Lavitz Kombo
Jun 28 (Wed) J. Willy s [Map](503) 656-44107:00pmAudioAvi8r
Jun 30 (Fri)West Linn Saloon [Map](503)655-20989:00pmKenny Lavitz Kombo


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